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The reason VOLANTE switched to Badens.

The only mild shampoo in the world born from vinegar

VOLANTE's policy is Hair Care & Hair Design. One thing that cannot be ignored in pursuing our policies is hair damage and safety to the skin. Burdens is the world's only hypoallergenic shampoo with the highest specifications at this stage, patented as a shampoo. It is a shampoo that can be used safely by the whole family, from babies to adults. * Stimulation = means death of skin cells *

I thought it was VOLANTE's mission to introduce that shampoo.



"The important thing is to wash away"

Isn't there a lot of people who thought "washing things are dangerous"? Some say, "It hurts when I get into my eyes," "I can't wash my face because I'm scared with shampoo." Many people still think so.

But is that really the case?

Isn't the detergent for washing dishes flowing well? No, no, you don't want to think of dishwashing detergent and shampoo in the same way, keep in mind that there are many shampoos that have the same cleaning power!

You are ok because you buy it in a beauty salon. Don't think you are using a good one because you buy it in a beauty salon. There's nothing wasteful about making good money and using things that aren't.

I want to explain the reason from now on.

The more you wash out, the more dangerous it permeates the skin.

Still you wash your fashionable clothes with a powerful detergent?


What is shampoo made of?

Basic composition of shampoo (contents, etc.)

I will explain one shampoo as 100%.

Shampoo is roughly divided into five things.

① Cleaning base (surfactant) dirt cleaning, foaming

(2) Cleaning aid (surfactant) foams and improves foam quality

③ Conditioning agent (oil, cellulose, etc.) Improves texture, gloss and comb

 Stabilization of other additives (preservatives, pH adjustment, fragrance, coloring agent)

⑤Purified water (solvent)


The main ratio is

⑤ Purified water (solvent): 80%

(1) Surfactant: 15-18%

③④Others ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ 2 ~ 5 %

It seems to be applicable to almost all commercial products and salon products currently on the market.

It's surprising that 2-5% of organics and TV commercials, magazines, and people who are familiar with it have emphasized! !

I think you understand it already


Most important are surfactants

However, there are more than 200 kinds of surfactants in the world, even in a word. In the rare case that all surfactants are considered evil, this is a big mistake! Just lack of knowledge.

What is a surfactant in the first place?

The contact surface between air and a solid is called "surface", and the contact surface between air and liquid is called "water surface". Then, when it comes to the "interface", immiscible liquids such as water and oil also have contact surfaces. This is the "interface".

Surfactants are substances that prevent the interfaces of liquids with contradictory properties, such as water and oil, from repelling and separating from each other, and holding (activating) the two.

Purpose of use of surfactant

Lubricants, cleaning agents, foaming agents, emulsifiers, dispersants, antistatic, disinfection, etc. are diverse and very complex.


Area of activity (where used)

household use
Detergent for clothing, softener, kitchen detergent, shampoo and rinse, conditioner, treatment, cosmetics, car wax, etc.

For food
It is used as an emulsifier for margarine, mayonnaise, dressings and chocolate.

Lubricant to reduce metal wear, textile dyeing aid, water repellent

Emulsifier, fertilizer anti-caking agent, foam fire extinguisher, asphalt, cement dispersant, ink, paint


The choice of surfactant is very important! !


Safety to the skin (comparison by surfactant)

According to this data, vinegar-based, green-based (used for burden), sulfuric acid-based (used frequently in commercial products), and amino acid-based (used frequently in products sold in beauty salons) surfactants This is a result of verification of irritation to skin cells (* irritation = meaning death of skin cells *).

・ Amino acid-based surfactants (commonly used in products sold in beauty salons) ・ ・ ・ It is found that amino acid-based surfactants, which have been said to be relatively safe, are highly irritating to the skin Was. After confirming the reason, amino acid alone is very gentle and good, but if you replace it with a shampoo or other detergent designed for the purpose of everyday life, it will not be able to function as a detergent unless the concentration is increased. The result is that the skin has a very high penetrating effect, which is very damaging to the skin. Was that.

・ Sulfuric acid-based (often used in commercial products): Sulfuric acid-based surfactants are inexpensive and have a good role in removing dirt, but they do not seem to be very good for other things. . It can be said that it is stable damage.

・ Vinegar ・ Green (used for burden) ・ ・ ・ It can be said that it is very hypoallergenic from the viewpoint of data.


Summary (skin)

I think it's very important to use a shampoo that you use every day, including beautiful skin and atopy, without damaging your skin. If you are using expensive moisturizers, please consider it.


Hair damage

According to this data, vinegar-based, green-based (used for burden), sulfuric acid-based (used frequently in commercial products), and amino acid-based (used frequently in products sold in beauty salons) surfactants This is a result of verification of stimulation of hair cells (* stimulation = death of hair cells *).

Sulfuric acid type (often used in commercial products) ・ ・ ・ Stable damage. It is at the level of being damaged just by using it. Drying and discoloration are natural.

Amino acid type (often used in products sold in beauty salons) ・ ・ ・ Speaking of hair alone, it can be said to be excellent without much damage. Perhaps the hairdressers know this only well.

Vinegar system ・ Green (used for burden) ・ ・ ・ It can be said that it does not hurt very much with hair and skin as seen from the data

Summary (hair)
As far as we can see from the data, sulfuric acid shampoo is out of the question, and if amino acid shampoo is a good shampoo, vinegar shampoo can be said to be a super good shampoo.

Characteristics and comparison of commonly used shampoo cleaners


There is such a difference. I want to use something that does not harm the skin directly. Chemistry is evolving every day, so I hope that the day will come when all the shampoos on the market will be safe.

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